Friday, May 22, 2009

Tired eyes

**11.12pm. friday night**


But I dont really know why i'm so excited, seeing as i mostly just sit by myself on weekends. Ho hum.

Just watched a disc and a half of buffy, but am kinda on the freaked-out side now after watching vamps and ghosts and child killing demons and fish people..... I am a bit twitchy.

Today was pretty good, i had Food Technology today, and we were cooking! We made pumpkin risotto, which was OK, but a bit gross. Waaaaaay too much onion. But still, i made my mum a big steaming bowl of it and made it look all professional, than i took it up to her office. Let me tell you, she so loved me than :P

And i've been trying DESPERATELY to find out the name of this song!! It's sung by a girl, and its piano, and the lyrics go something like 'your fingertips' and ' i  walk alone' and it is piano. Very flowy, and dancey. But i seriously need to find out what it is!! before i go INSANE!

Well, this weekend, for a change, jasmine's coming to stay the night tomoz. Yippee! We are gonna play dress ups at two in the morning, and mess around with makeup, and watch buffy, and eat starburst lollies! :D

It's gonna be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G FUN!

And yesterday I found out that i am gonna be getting braces and a plate! I'm getting my braces on in august, and will probably have them for two years-ish. And than a plate for probably another two years, depending. But get this, mum made my appointment to get my braces put on at 8.00 in the morning! I'll probably fall asleep in the chair, while hes putting them on!! Haha. 

I'm a bit worried they'll be really painful and annoying, but I REALLY need good teeth. because if i want to be an actress, than nobody will hire a chick with badly messed up teeth. And i really want to be an actress! But i'm pretty sure i have WAY too many jobs lined up. I'll make a list:

*Fashion Designer
*Cake Decorator
Etc. Etc.!!

I'm glad that i have the free will to make this decision when i come to that time, but still theres so much to choose from, and you only have ONE LIFE! its so unfair. plus, it would help if the government chipped in for uni students! Instead of giving money to everyone but them, than taking their funding. Gr.

Well, my heads starting to hurt, and i need to clean my room in the morning. So I'd best be off.

(sorry for the long blog) 

SONG OF THE WEEK is..............


and have a GREAT night :)

Signing off,

C x