Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wow, I'm back!

Wow. It' s been a while, old friends. But i find myself needing somewhere to express my opinions freely again :)

So, I'm still alive. Which is slightly shocking, but nonetheless good. Started school on tuesday, and i have made a pact to be a SUPER BRAIN this year, and to do really well in all my subjects. haha i've been inspired by the TV show Bones, which i love, and so i want to be like Brennan :) But a little less socially awkward, perhaps. haha.

Unfortunately, my fabbo start to the new school year has been marred by an unfortunate situation with the girlfriend of one of my friends (who it turns out, apparently doesn't like me anyway.)

But Whatever.

So, not much other than that to report, however i went to new zealand on the holidays! Joy! It was pretty fun, however after about a week the mountain climb, museum, mountain climb, museum routine was getting a little bit old. And two and a half weeks with just your family can be CRAAZYYY MAKING! But the end of it was fun, we met up with some family friends of ours who had moved there a few months before, and i attempted to ice-skate for the first time, for about 25 minutes till i gave up, and my hands where numb from constantly saving my fall lol. And we went to the beach (in wetsuits, it was sooo cold in the water! However the wetsuit was made for a male, so i had a rather large crochal space that was like an air bubble haha) and than rock climbing at the YMCA the next day, which was really fun! I got to the top of a ten metre wall :) Booyah. It was quite freaky being up that high, but i enjoyed the thrill.
And than we left, and went back home. Where i could sleep in my own bed :) Twas a lovely feeling. However, my room seemed to have gotten messier while i was away, much to my dissapointment :P

Anyway, thats all i really have to say for now... Tata!

And have fun :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back with a Vengeance!

Hello hello hello!

So sorry i havent blogged in a while. I have been busy and on holidays and such. Freezing cold here! winter is upon us, and i start school swimming tommorow... joy.

Today i had a restful day, as all good sunday's are. I had a long long bubble bath today, and i put on my sleep playlist on my ipod, and just rocked out in the tub. OH and i had some orange juice in a wine glass. Vair luxurious.

As for music, i have been listening to lots lately, so i thought i'd hit you with DOUBLE SONGS OF THE WEEK how awesome am i?!

ALSO i finished the entire series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer! The last epp was awesome, but slightly sad. So now i have moved onto Angel, which i am enjoying immensly. David Boreanaz's rugged features can spice up any show.

So here are you're Song(s) Of The Week!

Touched - VAST I heard this song on season one of Angel, it made me jump up and down :)

Displaced - Azure Ray This song was just kicking around on my computer, and i put it on my iPod without listening to it. So Beautiful.

enjoy :)

and have a good rest of the weekend, people!

C xx

Monday, June 1, 2009

oops! Number 20

**9.08PM, monday Night **


Sorry that i didn't write for like, a week. I got busy with school and stuff.

And I feel I have the swine flu.... probably not, but i feel like there's a grater on the inside of my throat D:

Woe is me :P

Well, not much has been happening. Actually, thats a lie. HEAPS have been happening!!

I went to see Cirque Du Soleil's performance of Dralion which has inspired me to be an aerial circus performer! They are so graceful, and fit, and flexible, i ENVY them!! Also It'd be cool to travel and to be a part of such a cool community.

Than saturday i went to see Yo Gabba Gabba, which was pretty fun. Did you know that DJ Lance rock is 44 years old?!

I kinda freaked when i found out ... still, I'd rather Johnny Depp anyday. Soz Lancey :)

Plus, I'm seriously considering bunking with erin for a bit after im not sick... coz my family are killing my happiness. All they do is yell,yellyellyellyellYELL! ( also sorry for the large ammount of bold-ness ) 

And this is my TWENTIETH POST! How excitamundo! 

And ladies and gents, i found THE SONG that was stuck in my head, the really sad one?

So in honour of that, i have made it this weeks Song Of The Week! 


p.s, i tried to get the better video ( apparently there is two..? ) but EMI music had disabled embedding...
So i don't claim responsibility for any viruses or spam you may get if you go on, 
as it's not my video, and i dont suggest going on it. Anyway :)

Monday, May 25, 2009


Why you may be thinking? Well, my uncle is PR managing it, or something like that. So i get to go chill with DJ Lance Rock, and all the fun fluffy creatures of the show! :D
I am so pumped!!
Today has been ok, I'm a vit nervy pervy about tommorow night ( advance australia fair ew.) And i think i might like someone, but probably not. Ah well :D
cya xx

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quiche for lunch, Alex 4 desert xD

Hola amigos.

Its a bright sunshiney day here* and i am very happy indeed. Jasmine stayed over last night and we watched the whole second season of buffy. And ate m&m's, and basically complained about everything we hate. it felt GREAT lol. Coz we are kind of the only one of ours friends who we can complain to.

And now mum is serving up Quiche and Veggies for lunchkins, and than i am going to alex's house :D We will have fun.

In the meantime, i have been playing the perfect cinderella. I cleaned my room all spick'n'span yesterday, except for one bucket of crap ( not literal) in the corner, and today i vaccuumed the lounge room, and the rug, and i fed my guineapig skittles, and made my bed. Yew!

Also, i did not feed my guinea pig skittles, as in the lollies, that is its name xD

I was worried i'd have the RSPCA breathing down my neck bahhaa




Friday, May 22, 2009

Tired eyes

**11.12pm. friday night**


But I dont really know why i'm so excited, seeing as i mostly just sit by myself on weekends. Ho hum.

Just watched a disc and a half of buffy, but am kinda on the freaked-out side now after watching vamps and ghosts and child killing demons and fish people..... I am a bit twitchy.

Today was pretty good, i had Food Technology today, and we were cooking! We made pumpkin risotto, which was OK, but a bit gross. Waaaaaay too much onion. But still, i made my mum a big steaming bowl of it and made it look all professional, than i took it up to her office. Let me tell you, she so loved me than :P

And i've been trying DESPERATELY to find out the name of this song!! It's sung by a girl, and its piano, and the lyrics go something like 'your fingertips' and ' i  walk alone' and it is piano. Very flowy, and dancey. But i seriously need to find out what it is!! before i go INSANE!

Well, this weekend, for a change, jasmine's coming to stay the night tomoz. Yippee! We are gonna play dress ups at two in the morning, and mess around with makeup, and watch buffy, and eat starburst lollies! :D

It's gonna be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G FUN!

And yesterday I found out that i am gonna be getting braces and a plate! I'm getting my braces on in august, and will probably have them for two years-ish. And than a plate for probably another two years, depending. But get this, mum made my appointment to get my braces put on at 8.00 in the morning! I'll probably fall asleep in the chair, while hes putting them on!! Haha. 

I'm a bit worried they'll be really painful and annoying, but I REALLY need good teeth. because if i want to be an actress, than nobody will hire a chick with badly messed up teeth. And i really want to be an actress! But i'm pretty sure i have WAY too many jobs lined up. I'll make a list:

*Fashion Designer
*Cake Decorator
Etc. Etc.!!

I'm glad that i have the free will to make this decision when i come to that time, but still theres so much to choose from, and you only have ONE LIFE! its so unfair. plus, it would help if the government chipped in for uni students! Instead of giving money to everyone but them, than taking their funding. Gr.

Well, my heads starting to hurt, and i need to clean my room in the morning. So I'd best be off.

(sorry for the long blog) 

SONG OF THE WEEK is..............


and have a GREAT night :)

Signing off,

C x

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Land HO!

**9.42pm, wednesday night**

Gr. How are you all?

My head hurts a little, but i am doing alright. Not much new happened today, but i jammed with some friends at lunch today. Not lovers. Friends.

And yeah, Recess just hung aboutt. Wednesdays hate me :P

Straightened my hair ( for those of you who don't know, it is generally spazzy-curly. like, phsycho in a can) but it is now kinda wavey-ish from fog in the morning. Damn mother nature ( joking!! please dont hit me with a freak tornado or something! ) 

I had 7 pieces of toast this evening! 4 with margarine on them for dinner, and 3 fo desert, also with margarine. I think i may possibly have exceeded my carb quota for today... Hmm. :P

Anyway, I'm gonna pop off to bed now, as my eyes are slightly 

          G.............................. :D

Night xx