Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wow, I'm back!

Wow. It' s been a while, old friends. But i find myself needing somewhere to express my opinions freely again :)

So, I'm still alive. Which is slightly shocking, but nonetheless good. Started school on tuesday, and i have made a pact to be a SUPER BRAIN this year, and to do really well in all my subjects. haha i've been inspired by the TV show Bones, which i love, and so i want to be like Brennan :) But a little less socially awkward, perhaps. haha.

Unfortunately, my fabbo start to the new school year has been marred by an unfortunate situation with the girlfriend of one of my friends (who it turns out, apparently doesn't like me anyway.)

But Whatever.

So, not much other than that to report, however i went to new zealand on the holidays! Joy! It was pretty fun, however after about a week the mountain climb, museum, mountain climb, museum routine was getting a little bit old. And two and a half weeks with just your family can be CRAAZYYY MAKING! But the end of it was fun, we met up with some family friends of ours who had moved there a few months before, and i attempted to ice-skate for the first time, for about 25 minutes till i gave up, and my hands where numb from constantly saving my fall lol. And we went to the beach (in wetsuits, it was sooo cold in the water! However the wetsuit was made for a male, so i had a rather large crochal space that was like an air bubble haha) and than rock climbing at the YMCA the next day, which was really fun! I got to the top of a ten metre wall :) Booyah. It was quite freaky being up that high, but i enjoyed the thrill.
And than we left, and went back home. Where i could sleep in my own bed :) Twas a lovely feeling. However, my room seemed to have gotten messier while i was away, much to my dissapointment :P

Anyway, thats all i really have to say for now... Tata!

And have fun :)